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My Great Grandmother, Mrs. Mary “Granmore” Simmons and her second husband Leslie “Pa” Simmons ran a waterfowl outfitter operation back in the 30’s & 40’s at their farm on the shore of Lake Mattamaskeet in eastern NC. One notorious hunter that came to hunt the seemingly unlimited geese was Mr. LL Bean. Wearing a prototype of a pair of Bean’s famed boots, Pa told him that he didn’t think much of them, and that he’d have to make some serious changes if he wanted them to be successful! We can only laugh now almost 100 years later as we see the unbelievable success Mr. Bean had with those boots and his business.

Four generations later, we still share that same passion for the outdoors and entertaining a crowd of friends and family. Throughout the years we’ve identified several needs for folks that share this same passion, hence our lineup of high quality outdoor accessories that work great and make entertaining easier and more enjoyable! We’ve developed products that can withstand serious use rather than fit in a “box” for mass retail maketing. Our philosophy is to do it right, not the easy way, and we’ve consciously chosen to sacrifice zero quality to save a few bucks.

My family and I decided to launch Southern Wildlife Company in 2014 to serve the needs of sportsman, hospitality pros, tailgaters and back yard bbq kings! Our innovative products will enable you to do more of what you love. For us that’s chasing a whitetail deer, teaching the next generation about the outdoors or spending time with our family and friends. Our products directly reflect this passion and appreciation for the outdoor lifestyle!

One of my dad’s favorite one liners is “you can sleep when your dead”. Translation, live life like there’s no tomorrow and don’t miss an opportunity to spend time outdoors with your buddies and family! This is the bottom line inspiration for this company and our products. Innovative designs inspired by our southern wild life!

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